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Nick Dash Optometrist 

Visionary, Innovator 

Sports Vision Institute 


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Sports Vision

Cricket, Football, FA, Rugby, Vision Training, ECB, FA, Eye Tracking Specialist

Myopia Control Specialist

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At the forefront of Contact Lens Innovation Nick has developed a 'Myopia Control Protocol, "MyoC"'. This is a customised dependent on ocular status, family history, lifestyle, educational commitments, outdoor activities and medical intervention. 

 The protocol has been developed by reviewing over 50 International peer reviewed research papers to ensure a scientific basis. This delivers a hollistic and multi-factored approach to what is a 'hot topic' in Optometry & Ophthlamology.


Myopia Control Contact Lenses can be soft or rigid. The customised Soft Conatct Lenses are worn during waking hours and are progressive lenses correcting distance vision requirements. The rigid lenses, callled Optical Retainers (Ortho-K Lenses), are worn overnight under the supervision of the parent. In some cases these are prescribed in addition to daily spectacle lenses. 

Both these techniques have been shown to reduce progressive eye elongation, the primary cause of many progressive myopias in children.


A synergistic protocol involves monitoring and prescribing outdoor activities and electronic device usage has proven to be effective in reducing myopic progression and thereby reducing the sight-threatening risks associate with this.

Myopia Control Specialist.


Nick is an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Cardiff,School of Optometry. He has lectured at locations around the world from Aukland in NZ, to Harvard Medical School in USA to Key Note Speaker at the Hong Kong Optometric Association. Topics varying from Myopia Control, Contact Lense Comfort and Materials to Sports Vision and How Vision Affects Real World Performance.

Nick started a new paradigm in CPD with th interactive format SkiCPD and this succesful format has grown year on year.  European Key Opinion Leaders come together to hot house new concepts in Optometry.
In the UK, the new format of Peer to Peer education, will bring small group interaction and learning from Optometrist to Optometrist. Innovation and succesful practice based learning from Key Opinion Leaders.


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Sports Vision Institute

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Sports Vision Specialist:
 Entrusted with the vision of some of the world best athletes. Olympic Gold Medallists, International Footballers, Cricketers, Rugby Players, Tennis Players and many other sports.

CEO of the Sports Vision Institute, Loughborough. Nick provides research and science to ensure athletes achieve their potential. A high performance centre that provides organisations, athletes and coaches with technologies such as eye tracking, visual training and correction. All within an evidence based approach that is athlete centred.


Sports Vision Analysis



Vision is a key performance indicator in all that we do. Elite athletes searching for the best vision to enable them to perform to their best chose See2wiN and Nick Dash Optometrist. Performance in everyday tasks is important to all of us.
See2wiN offers all the benefit of world leading technologies and techniques to improve vision beyond 20:20