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i-CET Optics

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 I-CET  brings a new format of Peer to Peer education. Bring small group interaction and learning from Optometrist to Optometrist. Innovation and succesful practice based learning from Key Opinion Leaders.

Presenters are Clinicians who are in successful practices, giving practical advice on what works in practice and with take home messages to improve clinical and commercial awareness in Optometry

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Evening Roadshows: June -September 2016 (6.30-9.00pm) was a sell out, so recommend booking early.

"Developing Specialist Clinics for

 Myopia Control & Dry Eye"

2 CET Points 

22nd September : Southampton (full)
27th 28th and 29th September : London (full)
30th September ; Solihull (full)
3rd October : Glasgow (full)

10th October : Edinburgh 

12th October : London 

13th October : London 

17th October : Bristol

18th October : Southampton

19th October : Solihull 

 20th October : Leeds

7th November : London 

8th November : London

9th November : Cardiff 


November 2016 dates to feature

'Getting started in Myopia Control' including 

'How to communicate Myopia Control to Parents and Child' and 'When, Why, How and What to fit?'


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Myopia Control & CLs 8 to 80 yrs

There is growing evidence of the effectiveness of Myopia Control with Contact Lenses. Some Lenses with CE markings and Companies are promoting Myopia Control benefits from Contact lenses such as OrthoK.

Patient records will be used to illustrate this and create a forum for a round table discussion with participation of all attendees. Highlighting specific features of the lenses that meet the evidence based criteria to attempt myopia control. 

Discussing the choice of soft lens materials and designs available. Comparing Soft Lens and OrthoK methods of fitting myopic children and aftercare routines.

Discussing Professional Guidelines and when fitting lenses to children and in myopia control. The trained facilitator will encourage active and inclusive interaction from all participants including opportunity of attendees to reflect on current practice and improvement that will follow the discussions.