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Keratoconus Contact Lenses

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Soft Keratoconus Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses

These soft contact lenses for Keratoconus are made-to-order based on detailed topographic measurements of the person’s keratoconic eyes and may be more comfortable than gas permeable lenses (GPs) or hybrid contact lenses for some wearers.

Keratoconus soft contacts that are available from international suppliers include:

Hydrocone Swisslens Custom lenses (UK and Europe). Bespoke lens designs for added comfort and vision.

KeraSoft lenses. (UK and USA) These high-water silicone hydrogel lenses

In a recent study of the visual performance of soft contacts and rigid gas permeable lenses (GP) for the correction of mild keratoconus. Although GP lenses provided better visual acuity in low-contrast situations, soft toric lenses performed equally well in high-contrast acuity testing and are often more comfortable and offer longer wearing times.

Custom soft lenses for astigmatism can be a good option for part-time wear for people with keratoconus who cannot tolerate wearing gas permeable lenses full-time. For example, the GP lenses could be worn during work and for driving, and the soft lenses could be worn during leisure activities after work or for a short break from the GP lenses during the day


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Comfort Scores for  Keratoconus Contact Lenses

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Soft Keratoconus                  9/10

Scleral                                    8/10

Hybrid                                     7/10

Piggy Back                             7/10

Corneal Gas Permiable           6/10

* patient comfort can vary and this represents the experiences of many patients.

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Hybrid Lenses

There are a number of lenses used by CLS such as Synergeyes or ClearKone hybrid lenses, these was designed specifically for keratoconus, and the central GP zone of the lens vaults over the cone-shaped cornea for increased comfort.

Hybrid contacts lenses provide the crisp optics of a gas permeable contact lens and wearing comfort that rivals that of soft lenses, according to SynergEyes. ClearKone hybrid lenses are available in a wide variety of parameters to provide a fit that conforms well to the irregular shape of a keratoconic eye.

“Piggybacking” contact lenses.

Fitting a gas permeable contact lens over a cone-shaped cornea can sometimes be uncomfortable for a person with keratoconus, some eye care practitioners advocate “piggybacking” two different types of contact lenses on the same eye.

For keratoconus, this method involves placing a soft contact lens, such as one made of silicone hydrogel, over the eye and then fitting a GP lens over the soft lens. This approach increases wearer comfort because the soft lens acts like a cushioning pad under the rigid GP lens.

Your eye care practitioner will monitor closely the fitting of “piggyback” contact lenses to make sure enough oxygen reaches the surface of your eye, which can be a problem when two lenses are worn on the same eye. However, most modern contacts — both GP and soft — typically have adequate oxygen permeability for a safe “piggyback” fit.

Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses are very often reserved for the advanced stages of keratoconus.

These are fitted to vault the cornea and extend the fitting onto the white part of the eye, the sclera.

It is recommended to  monitor patients with scleral lenses every 6 months. 

These specialist lenses are becoming more popular since the advent of New Materials and designs.

However these need specialist fitting at an experineced Optometrist.